Over the past 2 months, Dragonette have been on a fast paced frolic throughout North America, hopping from their native Canadian paths through both Stateside coasts and everywhere in between, all in support of their triumphant sophomore album, Fixin to Thrill. Thursday, November 5 saw the foursome land in NYC, with a 1:30am slot at Santos Party House, for the next to last show of the two-month tour.

First, we'll make note that in no way was the late start a deterrent in our catching one of our favorite bands live yet again. Sure it was a "school night" (blogger speak for, "hey we all have day jobs to pay the rent and have to be up at 7am the next morning"), but witnessing this group of 4 unique and talented individuals work the stage is always a treat.

Beginning right on time, the energy from a crowded floor at well past midnight was felt as soon as the band took the stage. After catching Dragonette at an early show at Mercury earlier this summer, we quickly concluded that late night dance parties were made to be entertained with the presence of this band. And that's exactly what unfolded.

Powering through hits I Get Around and Competition, from debut album Galore, lead singer Martina was on point, even though we later found out she was feeling quite under the weather. The real pleaser for us, however, was singing along with fellow attendees to the current songs from the new album.

Highlights included Easy, Liar and Pick Up the Phone. When we chatted with Martina last month, she mentioned that she loves to perform Gone Too Far, and after having witnessed it live, we can see why! With it's mix of country and electro dancepop flairs, it's a raging romp that had everyone moving.

One moment, which was especially gripping for this lowly blogger, was the encore. Knowing full well that Dragonette had a trick [read=one song I was dying to hear, which was kept off the final album list] up their sleeves, I was still pleasantly surprised when Martina and Dan looked in my direction, "This is for you!" pointed at me, "this one is called Get Your Titties Off My Things" and launched into exactly that piece I was so yearning to hear live again. (live video of the song can be seen here, courtesy of Sup Mag)

Although we've seen Dragonette more times than we'll readily admit, their performance this night felt like both a homecoming and a debut show. With the powerful oopmh of an easily excitable crowd, Dragonette fixed, thrilled, and brought the house down.

mp3: Dragonette - Easy (Skeet's Remix)