One band we've been hot (without really writing a ton) on for a good portion of the year is Plastiscines. The French foursome of femme fatales are all things punk, thrash, glam and basically, what we're trying to say, is that they're the raddest chicks on the scene.

With their sophomore album, About Love, coming out earlier this summer, we had every reason to shout, scream and sing along with Katty, Marine, Louise and Anoushka. Collectively referred to as les bébés rockers, they fall right in line with a number of Parisian bands that bestill our beastly hearts.

The girls just released the video for their song, Bitch, yesterday, and you can watch it right here.

Raging! We always get a little more excited every time a bit of news and or new content comes out of Plastiscines brash camp, and until new material is released, we've got this vid and the below mixes on a major repetitive cycle.

mp3: Plastiscines - Barcelona (Lifelike Remix)
mp3: Plastiscines - Barcelona (Chew Lips Remix)