To genuinely get to know Peaches the individual, as opposed to the radically raunchy and ever so righteous on-stage persona, is to smash through the supposed "4th wall" between artist and audience. So when presented with a number of barriers and blockades, we chose to break on through and get down to the good stuff.

Long having been a fan and admirer of both the music and the woman behind her electronically fueled efforts, having the opportunity to talk with the dynamic artist was, to put it lightly, the highlight of both my blogging and adult lives.

Below, you're treated to what is lovingly dubbed, Peaches vs Sheena Beaston, a video diary of my time spent with the queen of electroclash.

Here's to hoping you've all gained a bit of insider info on Peaches. At the very least, I hope you were entertained by my slightly rudimentary editing skills.

A huge mega major rad thank you goes to Peaches for taking the time to make a little Beast's dreams come true.

mp3: Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her (Flaming Lips Eat Peaches Remix)

Thanks are also in order to Anthony for videotaping. God knows I was too sweaty and nervous to go it alone!