A hot new talent from the land of France has been rocking me to the core lately. MaJiKer (yes, with the weird mid-name capitalizations) creates experimental pop with a super funky undertone. I featured his mix of Jenny Wilson's Pass The Salt earlier this month, but today, it's all about his own original jam, Tongue.

Upon first listening to Tongue, all sorts of sexily underladen stimulations are stirred. MaJiKer's unique vocals drip all over a rubbery bass, complete with all the little bleeps, bloops and beats that make me weak in the knees.

Watch the voyeuristically neat video now.

As with any rad single comes equally killer remixes. California kid, Hawnay Troof, gives his hand a go at the track with monstrous results. Spin it and grin it below.

mp3: MaJiKer - Tongue (Hawnay Troof Remix)
mp3: MaJiKer - Tongue


MaJiKer has also recently remixed the incredibly gorgeous Fever Ray song, Keep the Streets Empty For Me. It's a 5+ minute trek through all sorts of experimentally engaging twists and turns.

mp3: Fever Ray - Keep The Streets Empty For Me (MaJiKer's BPM Remix)