Having a famous parent always helps in the music business, right? Coco Sumner, she the offspring of Sting, easily sneaks out of her father's shadow, however, and creates a mix of ska, rock and punk under the name I Blame Coco. At just 18 years of age, IBC is one act to definitely keep on your radar for 2010.

With a husky, and at times, genderlessly gorgeous voice, Coco is an exciting and fresh artist who leaps over the line of what the current state of music coming out of the UK is. With a large emphasis on the electropop gals, she shakes up the scene by making rock that refuses to quit.

Most recently, she hooked up with Robyn for upcoming single, Caesar*. The Swede provides vocals on the chorus. In addition to the platinum pixie, Coco has also enlisted fellow Scandinavian dudes, Teddybears, to aid in production of her debut album.

Also, in doing a little twitter stalking, I've found that a video for Caesar is currently being filmed. Listen to a clip of the song below.

mp3: I Blame Coco (featuring Robyn) - Caesar (snippet)

*In other outlets, the song has been titled Caesar Will Fall. Will update as soon as more information is verified.