Oh hi, Little Boots, remember us? Welcome back to Beastonia. It's surely been a bit of time since we last wrote about ya, but today ushers in your return, thanks to a grittily killer mix of latest single, Earthquake.

Thanks to a remix competition, as hosted by the lil' lass, we've been thrown a submission to listen to, and subsequently post for everyone to hear...considering we love it so.

Fabio Pop hails from Brazil, and while we were unfamiliar with his works before today, we're no longer strangers to his soaring and thumping mixes. His take on Earthquake is full of piercing synth hits, complete with a running and gunning bassline that will leave you itching for more.

The competition is open until Sunday, November 22. So, you know, if you think you can top Fabio, go here for more info.

mp3: Little Boots - Earthquake (Fabio Pop Remix)