We thought it might be a bit of time before remixes of tracks from Kid Sister's debut album, Ultraviolet, started hitting teh internetz. I mean, it was just released this Tuesday, but hey, you can't keep a good man down. And that man? Let's welcome back Redlight! (insert applause here)

We did a proper Beaston-style review of the album on Monday (view it here), and one of the many rad tracks we praised was the summery and fun jam, Life On TV. With an early 90s street r-and-b influence pulsing throughout the song, it's hard not to love!

So in getting this remix from the rad Redlight, we half expected a disco bouncer much like his take on Beyonce's Control, which we still get weak for. Instead, dudeman opts for some hardhitting beats, even more chopped and screwed glitches than the original, and you know what? It all works. Really well.

Hat tip.

mp3: Kid Sister - Life On TV (Redlight Remix)

BONUS! Go snag more Redlight remixes here, from his 5 Track EP. He'll also be releasing original songs in the next month or so. We're ok with all of that!