The big buzz this week has, undoubtedly, been the release of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video. With it's steamy and suggestive theme, along with a pretty decent song to boot, you'd be hard pressed to have missed seeing the video. You DID see it, right?

Today, we're treated to some behind the scenes footage of what exactly goes on during a Gaga videoshoot. Commentary comes from director Francis Lawrence, cinematographer Thomas Kloss, as well as dancers and actors from the video.

Watch it here, now!

The skillful production of this video makes it seem almost possible that it can be transformed into a full length feature. Let's not give them any ideas though...we've already spent a good portion of the week watching the Bad Romance video on repeat.

BONUS! Lady Gaga might just release a full album instead of re-releasing as The Fame Monster? We're A-OK with that!

mp3: Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark (DJ Dark Intensity Remix)
mp3: Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (DJ Dark Intensity Revenge Remix)

PS: The remixer of these tracks notes, "I'll be re-doing these remixes as soon as I get a clean acapella, but for now, enjoy my concept". Ok, so don't get all preachy on us for the iffy audio, and just dance!