Anya Marina is the kind of singer/songwriter who embodies the spirit of storytelling. Embracing the notion that "less is more", Marina's appealing conversational vocal style lays forth an intimacy that is easily digestible and highly listenable.

With two albums to her credit, Anya has made small waves on the indie/acoustic scene by touring with the likes of Jason Mraz and soon, Paolo Nutini. Most notably, however, might be the placement of many of her songs on network and cable television staples. From Grey's Anatomy to How I Met Your Mother and The Real World, Marina's unique vocals are easily recognized and perfectly paired with the scenes in which they support.

Which brings us to her most recent newsworthy bit. On a recent episode of Gossip Girl*, characters Dan, Vanessa and Olivia engage in a "Britney-worthy" act that requires 3 bodies. Aside from the racy tones, you may have heard a new take on an all-too familiar song. That belongs to Anya Marina, with her cover of T.I.'s hip-hop anthem, Whatever You Like.

Sorry Tip, but we're going with Anya on this one. Watch the video, which features Justin Kirk from Weeds, here.

mp3: Anya Marina - Whatever You Like (T.I. Cover)

*If there are any rabid fans of this show reading, please feel free to correct me if any of the above information is incorrectly noted. I don't watch it, I just report it.