If there's two things that I'm really good at doing, it's being hyper AND developing crushes on people, songs and inanimate objects. That said, we've got some tunes full of 8-bit radness that speaks directly to the ADD-riddled schoolgirl underneath this beastly facade.

Hyper Crush is the doo-hop, electro, deathcore super group of three shit-faced extra terrestrials known amongst the elite simply as Donny, Preston and Holly. Their destiny is to be acclaimed in epic proportions, and if these tracks are any evidence that all is possible, then we're jumping on board their intergalactic wagon.

Between their Clinton Sparks Mixtape (which you can download for free here), the Benny Benassi remix of their hit, Sex and Drugs, and an upcoming full length in 2010, you'll be dancing so hard and fast that you may just rocket off into Hyper Crush's sexy little solar system.

mp3: Hyper Crush - Sex and Drugs (Benny Benassi Sfaction Remix)
mp3: Hyper Crush - Don't You Want Me