By this point, we're liable to transform what we call our lovable land of music known as "Beastonia" to something like "Ellietown" or maybe "Gouldingville". No? Well, we've been writing a few fair words about the 23 year old virtuoso, Ellie Goulding, so we thought it best to just continue on praising everything we dig about this young talent.

With the recent release of her single, Under the Sheets, via Neon Gold Records (seriously, go buy it's amazing), Goulding has swept the rug out from under many a music lovers' feet. With a distinctly piercing and heart melting intonation, the young songstress has proven her mettle with but a handful of songs.

The remixes are coming in droves from major power players, she's going to be guesting on a track that is one of our faves of the year (hush hush!), and more than likely, her full length debut will be out in the first quarter of 2010.

Until all of those ridiculously radical treats come about, let her first official single's b-side, Fighter Plane, wash over you in a bath of beauty.

mp3: Ellie Goulding - Fighter Plane