With Alanna on the mic and Pho behind the turntables, Bonjay are fully equipped to usher in an innovatively r&b and dancehall inspired slice of excellence into your lives. With their live performances coming in a high-energy sound system of bass, beats and soul, the sounds booming out from the Toronto duo are sure to catch fire.

It’s into an emerging environment that Bonjay arrive, drawing their name from spice island slang for "Good God!". Born in the basement of a pub at Ottawa’s legendary Disorganised parties, what began as a crowd-pleasing party lark has developed into a serious commitment to songwriting and production.

Just released yesterday, Bonjay's debut EP, Gimmee Gimmee, features the original monster song, along with remixes from Poirier, Smalltown DJs and Grahm Zilla. The track itself is a mix of minimalistic beats with Alanna's intriguing vocals lifting the verses through a path of tribal twists and turns.

Buy Bonjay's Gimmee Gimmee EP here.

mp3: Bonjay - Gimmee Gimmee (Grahm Zilla Remix)mp3: Bonjay - Gimmee Gimmee