HOLY DISCO NINTENDO TALENT! Alan Wilkis, he of the normally funked out "this song makes me need to grind on something now" style of songs hit us up with something so completely unexpectedly amazing that I've had to retype this sentence 9 times over. See I was so amped to get this out to you, that I kept misspelling everything in a flurry of frenetic finger flourishes.

Laid back Cali-raprockers, Shwayze, have a (generally speaking) radio hit on their hands with Get U Home, an ode and anthem to loose women being seduced by men with weaker morals and succumbing to the act of "hey baby, wanna go back to my pad?" acts of human nature.

We kind of fell hard when VIKING took the track under his noble wing and shook it all up. Now, we are head over heels with Wilkis' teched out, glitchy, grooving bassline wash he scrubbed all over the song. Get ready to give all your love, kids.

And yep, this is official. As in it's Alan Wilkis, Paul Oakenfold, The Bloody Beetroots, LMFAO, and the aforementiond Viking, who were asked by the band to work on it. Shazam!

mp3: Shwayze - Get U Home (Alan Wilkis Remix)