Confession. I don't really know a whole lot about The Brunettes, other than the fact that they hail from Auckland, New Zealand and make easy listening pop tunes. And to top it off, I also am slightly emptyheaded when it comes to all things Robbie Loggia. This changes starting now.

Loggia comes out of our lovely borough of Brooklyn and we're continuing on in the super funk and groover trend we set earlier. A discohouse aficianado in his own right, duderman makes my backyard bounce with his jammy jams and slick fixes.

For instance, The Brunettes lovely little ditty, Red Rollerskates, went through a Loggia landmine and got all sorts of "blowed up badass".

Does that make sense to you? It does to me, mainly because I've been listening to this pretty steadily for a good portion of the morning. I'm also fairly certain you'll join in my sentiment within the first few seconds of hearing this mondo ace mix!

mp3: The Brunettes - Red Rollerskates (Robbie Loggia Remix)