It looks as though Peaches is well on the path to staying true to her word in which she will release a video for each and every fantastic track from her latest album, I Feel Cream. Looks as though she's also got one in the works for Mommy Complex, as previous images were leaked here.

But today, we're a little giddy for the video for the album's title track. It's like Peaches-lite, until the rap breakdown towards the end. It's always a treat to see the many different sides of Ms. Merrill Nisker.

Check out the sublimely lit and ethereally hazy video for I Feel Cream.

Just as can be expected, Peaches wows yet again.

The creamiest tour of 2009 comes running back through NYC on November 14 at Terminal 5. Amanda Blank, who we just interviewed here, will be the opener. I don't think anyone is as psyched as us!

mp3: Peaches - I Feel Cream