Hey, how about we drop a little soul in your coffee this morning? Detroit songstress, MoZella, seamlessly blends pop, soul, and jazz into her carefully crafted tales of life and love. With a set of charismatic vocals topped with an equally charming personality she's earned the reputation as a fresh alternative to formulaic pop artists.

With her sophomore album due out October 13 via Motown, MoZella has proved she has the chops to hang with big gals. She's come a long way from her days of decorating cakes to support a massive move to the west coast to supprt her budding music career, and the work has paid off. Belle Isle is her greatest accomplishment, with its big hooks, smart lyrics, and infectious beats.

And hey, she's even got Smokey Robinson in tow for a version of his very own 1967 hit single.

Enjoy it below. Goes down smoooooth.

mp3: MoZella (featuring Smokey Robinson) - I Second That Emotion