What in the CeCe Penniston and Jock Jams throwback hell do we have here? Holy moly, I've just been introduced to an edit that will surely be used as my go-to song whenever I need a dose of pep and "get on and get up".

Tommie Sunshine is a legend, in that he's a massively major producer who continues to crank out hits and fixes of all your favorite tracks. And this has never been more evident than with his latest edit. (Oh, and if you're not following him on twitter, get on it. He gives away free songs like it's your birthday. Every day.)

Which brings us to a fistful of fire with his edit of Kid Sister's Right Hand Hi. If you're not bouncing within the first 10 seconds, then I call foul on your respect for early 90's house jams. The dude even went so far as to include the signature horn stylings as well as a treat at the 2:36 mark.

Don't believe me?

Grab it below, and then I'll smugly grin and say "told ya so!"

mp3: Kid Sister - Right Hand Hi (Tommie Sunshine Edit)