Much in the same vein as The Grey Album or even Jaydiohead, comes something born of a land far away, that I'm pretty amped to dose you with this morning. Similarly, we've still got Jay-Z in tow, but the backing beats and bellows come courtesy of something a little less expected.

Inspired by Indian cinema of the 70's and Jay-Z's critically acclaimed concept album, American Gangster, Music Without Borders brings us the passionate tale of a Mumbai hustler's sordid lifestyle on the extremely impressive and immediately repeated listening-worthy, Hindustani Gangster.

Through the culmination of Jay's great story, and sounds that range from Bollywood to Bhangra, via heavy emotive melodies and basslines, MWB has crafted a piece that is intended for true music connoisseurs. And yeah, I got this late last week, but I was so super selfish with it all weekend, with the intent of placing big ol' grins on your Monday morning mugs.

Here's the track list*. Here's the link to download the entire album for FREE. Here's one of the best things you'll here all year, via the mp3 below.

1. Intro
2. Pray (ft. Shez Khan)
3. American Dreamin'
4. Hello Brooklyn (ft. Lil' Wayne)
5. No Hook (ft. Hong Kong Dragon)
6. Roc Boys
7. Sweet
8. I Know (ft. Pharrell)
9. Party Life
10. Ignorant Shit
11. Say Hello
12. Success
13. Fallin' (ft. Bilal)
14. Blue Magic
15. American Gangster

*All tracks mixed by Music Without Borders, except 8, which was mixed by ElekTro4, and is right below this message, for your enjoyment.

mp3: Jay-Z and Music Without Borders - I Know