Hometown boys, The Jaguar Club, finish up their tour this weekend in NYC. Its been a fantastic last few months for them, playing to sold out crowds alongside Foreign Born, The Grates and The Veils. Early last month, they released their debut album, And We Wake Up Slowly.

With 2 years spent on the road, playing shows up and down the East coast, The Jaguar Club finally decided to stay put for awhile to focus their efforts wholeheartedly on crafting their debut album. Written in a sweaty Brooklyn basement and recorded in a giant, creaky barn in upstate New York overshadowed by the Catskill Mountains, you can hear those two different worlds at work in the music: songs brought to life by panoramic production, layers of new-found sounds, and the sweet satisfaction of cooking your dinner outside under the stars.

Their extensive list of live shows married with a unique recording experience have paid off, in that The Jaguar Club's debut offering is one of intimate and intriguing depths, especially when experience live.

Go check 'em out at Cake Shop this Saturday, October 3.

mp3: The Jaguar Club - Sleepwalking