Yeah, yeah, Ms. Beaston digs her underground hip-hop. And this love of ours spews forth for no other quite like it does for Izza Kizza. With his gruff and lazy flow, the Valdosta, GA native is the epitome of swoonworthy lyrics from a slick lipped emcee. #changespantsnow*

Kizza's newest banger, Connect The Dots, features everyone's favortie unsung hero, Colin Munroe, and is now available on iTunes as a EP. The EP contains the orginal and instrumental versions, along with the underground hit, Ohh La La.

The video for Connect The Dots was directed by Decon's Jason Goldwatch and will be hitting us soon!

Go buy the EP here.

mp3: Izza Kizza (featuring Colin Munroe) - Connect the Dots

And hey, we're feeling especially generous, so here's two more Kizza'riginals that your library is begging to hold. For realzies.

mp3: Izza Kizza - They're Everywhere
mp3: Izza Kizza - 11ven 12welve

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