In case you've been living under a massive rock, then you don't know CMJ is this week. You're probably also unaware that we're throwing a huge party, that has free beer, and more importantly, super killer bands. One said set belongs to VOICEsVOICEs, a terrifcally talented duo from Los Angeles.

Don't know who's behind the beats and bellows of the band? Check out what Nico and Jenean have to weigh in on, from day jobs to dream bills.

SB: Who is/are VOICEsVOICEs and how did you come to the point where you decided "this is what we want to do"?

Jenean: After a few shows it was affirmed for me. Then ambition took over and we just went for it.

Nico: I knew from the time I was fifteen. Actually...the first time I saw you drum, Jenean.

SB: Did you have musical roots growing up?

Nico: Indeed, I did. Yes. No...Yes.

Jenean: I'm wondering what "roots" means. My mom and dad were both musicians... they listened to everything from trippy hippie music, Rock, Punk, Death Metal...

Nico: Yeah, mine are Hip Hop, Jazz, Classic Rock.

SB: Do you have any dayjobs and/or sideprojects, hobbies, etc...?

Jenean: Yes, unfortunately.

Nico: I paint. Jenean does multimedia art... graphic design, video...

Jenean: We have more hobbies than we have the time to do. Our hobbies take a backseat to our day jobs.

SB: What is your songwriting process like?

Jenean: Oh Jesus.

Nico: Process, what's that?

Jenean: We haven't had a chance to write much...

Nico: Yeah, we don't have time to have a process...

Jenean: The music just happened.

Nico: We had shows booked before we had a song.

Jenean: ...and we had a month to write all the songs on our EP. ...Our song writing process essentially is being under pressure.

SB: What are your ultimate goals with your music career? Is longevity or massive appeal a bigger attractor for you?

Nico: Longevity...we want this to be our job. I mean, we want it to be fun and inspiring, but this is what we want to do.

Jenean: Yeah in that sense, as massive as it can be without it being commercialized. As high as we can be within the counter culture.

SB: Are you influenced by pop culture/mainstream radio? Does popular media make you decide to go one way or another with song choice, etc...?

Jenean: Absolutely.

Nico: How can you not be?

Jenean: Subliminally, yes. Deliberately, on some levels. I mean, we choose what we want to be around, but some things will inevitably influence you whether you want them to or not.

Nico: Popular media as a promotional tool is great.

SB: If you had the opportunity to play any venue, who's opening for you and where are you playing at?

Nico: Venue... I wanna play in...

Jenean: Can we get back to you when we get back from Europe?

Nico: We'd bring our friends along and have them play with us.

Jenean: Yeah, keep it in the family.

Nico: EXITMUSIC, Voice On Tape, 60-Watt Kid. But, if we were opening for anyone - PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Bjork, Thom Yorke, Explosions in the Sky.

Jenean: Yeah, with Bjork I think I'd want to observe her and get to know her better - bring it down to a human level.

Nico: With people like PJ Harvey or Patti Smith, I'd want to learn life lessons from them.

Jenean: Yes. I think we want to learn how to deliberately let ourselves go in controlled chaos, like the people we mentioned. It's so impressive.

So yeah, we super dig the sounds stemming from VOICEsVOICEs, and we're pretty sure you will too. SEE YOU TOMORROW. Or else.

mp3: VOICEsVOICEs - Flulyk Visions (Radio Edit)