HavocNdeeD is a dubstep based production and live performance crew. It's members, OB-One and J. Paul, come from various musical backgrounds ranging from punk, industrial, drum-n-bass to hip hop & reggae. These styles helped shape their production style to create a unique sound on their own.

The Las Vegas via Phoenix based dudes first caught my attention with a super dubby and glitchily teched out mix of Major Lazer's Hold The Line. So I dug a little further and found that they've washed their spacey echoes and reverbs all over a number of songs you might not expect, including: fixes of Portishead, Craig David and Ladyhawke.

HavocNdeeD's mixes are never short on the super heavy basslines. Seriously, your speakers are going to vibrate so much that the clothes are just gonna drop off.

Give a listen for yourself.

mp3: Major Lazer (featuring Santigold and Mr. Lexx) - Hold The Line (HavocNdeeD RemiX)
mp3: Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (HavocNdeeD RemiX)