If there's one immediate way to grab my attention, it's by using both the genre descriptors of "funk" and "disco" and in your email. Seriously, you could be a Gospel singer, or hell, a hardcore rockrapper, but I guarantee you, I'll at least spin a listen if the aforemetioned verbiage is attributed.

Thankfully, I'm already aware of the radness that is both FutureFlashs and The Disco Villains, so both my listening and posting of this was kind of a no-brainer.

After putting together some monstrous releases with Steed Lord and Dirty Disco Youth this year, FutureFlashs are finally prepped for their next project. Their Get Down EP is a piece of modern synthetic electronics, influenced by 80s and 90s sounds and samples of the TV and pop culture dynamics. The EP can be streamed here, and will be officially released this Friday, October 23.

To celebrate, they've shared The Disco Villains mix of Get Down, which takes more funked out disco twists and turns than you could possible imagine. Result? Nearly 7 minutes of nonstop excitement!

mp3: FutureFlashs - Get Down The Funk (The Disco Villains Remix)