Heralded as their "finale tour", albeit their first trip stateside, Fever Ray finished their 2-day New York stint on Tuesday, September 29, performing with a chilling accuracy that eclipsed emotional greatness on every visual, aural and spiritual level.

The proverbially mysterious Karin Dreijer Andersson is a force of unparalleled enigmatics. The queries, and subsequently massive smoke wafts, that shroud the Swedish singer usually lend way to "will The Knife make a return?"

This night, however, belonged to Andersson. No questions asked.

Using a mix of masks and machines, Fever Ray took the stage to an immediate sense of focus and determination from a crowd on the verge of emotional breakthroughs.

There's much to be sad for the gratuitous use of fog and lasers in the performance. Some would say it was overabundant and a distraction to the music, also making for a difficult vantage point for professional and amateur photographers. My take is such that I'd have not changed a thing. The effects are what makes you appreciate Andersson's performance even more. When you can be overcome and overwhelmed without so much as having to orbitally connect, then you can rest assure that such an experience will go down as one of the bet live experiences you'll ever encounter.

Which brings me to this confession. While in the strictly governed photo pit for the first few songs, I was beside myself as Karin and accompaniments hit the unmistakable opening chords of my favorite track of theirs, Seven.

The song holds a ridiculous amount of personal meaning to me. So while we were ushered out once the song ended, I had to compsose myself. I was literally brought to tears by the gorgeously simplisic yet passionate expression I had just witnessed.

Set list:
If I Had A Heart
Triangle Walks
Concrete Walls
I’m Not Done
Now’s The Only Time I Know
Keep The Streets Empty
Dry & Dusty
Stranger Than Kindness
When I Grow Up
Here Before

You can check out more pictures from the show here. Fever Ray continues on their tour, which runs through the end of the year. Most shows are sold out, but if you can find a way to see this specatcular, this is one that I urge you to attend.

mp3: Royksopp (featuring Karin Dreijer) - What Else is There (Ministry of Sound Remix)
mp3: Fever Ray - Seven