In the mood for something strangely sexy, a bit "scratch your head"-y, and generally just super super spectacular? Then Duck Sauce has the answer, with a second video version for aNYway, courtesy of Parisians, Surface To Air.

Armand Van Helden and A-Trak have eclipsed obsession status amongst many a blogger and music lover, with their dastardly discofied ditty, aNYway. Everyone and their mother, dog, and neighbor went pretty bananas for the UK video clip that circulated a wee bit ago.

But no meal is complete without an extra dose of the sauce, so Surface To Air created a second video for the track, which pays homage to Patrick Swayze, and is generally a colorful explosion of sights and sound. Check it.

If you already weren't stoked to hear what the boys have up their sleeves next, let this be a reminder and a warning. It's gonna get funky!