If you're ready to fidget with an eclectic mix of the 80's and one of the biggest smashes of the current year, then London's own, 4Watt, has the elixir in this mixer.

Enter Video Killed the Radio Star, a mash of The Buggles' MTV launching track, pumped up with the beats and shouts of Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Heads Will Roll. It's 6 minutes of nonstop action and radness.

We approve!

mp3: The Buggles vs Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Video Killed the Radio Star (4Watts Heads Will Roll Baby Mash)


Annie Mac just debuted A-Trak's remix of the YYY's track. Yep, this is just a radio rip, and there's plenty of Mac mouth over it, so until there's a high-qual, we can revel in this bit of heat.

mp3: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)