Coming in a close second to my love of all things Swedish pop-centric, is that of the Norwegian brand, specifically from Anne Lilia Berge Strand...more commonly known by the much simpler, Annie.

With baited breath, many of the "can't wait to get my hands on it" types in the blogworld grew impatient with a number of delays, re-recordings and notes from Camp Annie that seemed to promote the fact that her sophomore album, Don't Stop, may never legitimately see the light of day.

All that was cleared up a bit ago [whew!], and with the mention of new tracks replacing a few from the "yeah, it leaked last year but it was just demos" version of the album, new life was pumped into our eagerly awaiting ears.

New tracks on the October 19 (UK) / November 17 (US) release: Hey Annie, Don't Stop, and I Don't Like Your Band.

The first is a drum line worthy lead song. The latter sounds like Chewing Gum 2.0 during the chorus (rad!), and the title track...well, listen for yourself.

mp3: Annie - Don't Stop