Noted as a "beast of a release" [yeah!], Paypur features two incredible original tracks by the hot production duo of NYC's own, Udachi and Jubilee. Garnering support from the likes of Tommie Sunshine, Klever, and BBC Radio 1, it's easy to see and hear why the buzz is building.

In addition to Paypur, the EP also contains original track, Smoke Rings, which has been floating through the iNet on a wave of praise from bloggers all the way to T-Pain himself.

Here are some words on the release:
Paypur begins on a mellow old school tip with an 808 bounce that builds into an oscillating frenzy of a drop. The track follows an imaginary clubber on his first night out, he thinks he has the swag, but the push and pull of the track shows the subtle comedy of someone succumbing to too much “fun”, then regresses from the perfect bliss of mixed substances before hurling it up with a psychedelic whine of chest thumping bass.

Remixes come from 5 super producers including Nick Catchdubs and Grahmzilla of Thunderheist. Additionally, rad man Mr. Vega hit us up with his take on Paypur. St-t-t-t-ellar!

Buy the Paypur EP here. And get your goodies below.

mp3: Udachi and Jubilee - Paypur (Original Mix)
mp3: Udachi and Jubilee - Paypur (Mr Vega Remix)