Just a wee bit of time ago, I told you about a pretty sweet contest that The Crystal Method was hosting. Basically, remix their smash, Come Back Clean, and win a ton of rad stuff. Shazam!

Well, one of the "Beaston faves", T-Minus 321, just sent us his mix of this groover and shaker. And while I was initally in love with the original track, dudeman went and upped the ante with a 1-2 punch of extra drumbeats and super glitchy elements. Pay attention to the drumhits at :23 seconds. I <3.

After listening to this remix, I am 100% convinced that the track name needs to be changed to ...And Now I'm Dirty, because this fix brings the funk and the filth!

Major swoonage...and the day is still young.

mp3: The Crystal Method (featuring Emily Haines) - Come Back Clean (T-Minus 321 Remix)