In defying all sorts of credibility and legitimacy, I'm going out on a limb here to declare that Knock You Out, my hotly anticipated "need to hear this now" track from Tiesto, featuring Emily Haines, will be one of my top 3 most played songs this year. And what makes this even more head scratchingly baffling, is the fact that I've only heard a :60 second clip of the finished song.

Let me explain my reasoning, eh.

In listening to this minute long bit of power on repeat for the past 45 minutes, I immediately identified the song as a top "subway and sidewalk" contender. There are certain pieces of music that pump me up either [A] on the way to work, a show, or an event, hence the "subway" or [B] while stomping through the streets of our fair city, enter the "sidewalk".

Knock You Out fits this formula perfectly.

Is it the best song I've heard this year? No. Is it expertly crafted? Yes! And therefore, I guarantee this will quickly jump to the top of my "most played" list.

To thank you for sitting through that mess of rambles and shambles, right-click, save, and see what I'm talking about.

Tiesto's Kaleidoscope is out October 6 via Ultra Records.

mp3: Tiesto (featuring Emily Haines) - Knock You Out (preview clip)