I, Sheena Beaston, vow to never go to a dancetastically 'drum destructing dj set again, without the usage of earplugs. Holy smokes, kids...Calvin Harris brought the bass and the beat on Thursday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg, and the continual ear ringing was a reminder to both take care of my precious buds, and also that Harris is unforgivingly smashing behind the tables.

Being that the show was a 16+ event, doubts raged as to how sincere and honest the fandom status might be in the audience. Perched high atop the balcony (yes, for once, I strayed from a sweatfilled dancefloor...imagine that!), one could spy a mixed crowd of young bucks and bustles, spiky haired Jersekyins, the kid who wouldn't stop texting, a handful of hipsters...yet everyone was dancing to the tunes provided by the lanky London lad.

In case you needed to know: Harris started his set with Learn to Recycle, a track by equally tall dude, Phonat. Most rad!

mp3: Jamiroquai - Canned Heat (Calvin Harris remix)