What do Andrew WK, Tom Hanks, [a very young] Juliette Lewis, champagne bottles, chickeepoos dancing and grooving, and a kid from Richmond, VA all have in common? Your first guess is probably "Nothing! You've gone nuts, girl!" Well, let it be known that the common thread can be unwoven and tied back up again by viewing a new video, that you're gonna dig. A lot.

Chilled out Cali boys, Shwayze, recently got the remix treatment by Beaston fave, VIKING. The terror on the tables took a song we'd normally bypass over, and flipped it from a "west coast party rock" jam into something a bit more befitting of a universal dance banger!

Watch the short cut video for Shwayze's Get U Home (VIKING Remix) below.

See, we weren't lying; all of those above mentioned people/scenarios are in that video. Interesting concotion, and an even radder remix!

VIKING's remix of the song will be out in full in the next few weeks, along with official fixes he's done for Amanda Blank and Cazals.

mp3: Shwayze - Get U Home
mp3: Kid Cudi - Dat New New (VIKING Remix)