Brooklyn's own, Boy Crisis, stake their claim within internet notoriety as: "well-liked in the blogosphere"; hip and marketable to several youthy demographics, with crossover appeal; and as having an "ethnic band member." But all silliness aside, BC does make the sort of rad tunes that are easily accepted by a plethora of kids and queens.

While summer is officially over, you can relish in days of yore or, like, um 3 months ago] by spinning the band's easy listening lover of a song, Fountain of Youth. And while the original track is a tall drink of water that goes down ever so smooth, if it's a pop pusher play you're itching for, then the glitz'n'grit of Wallpaper will seal the deal.

After you hear the extra mondo funky bass added to the song, you'll fall in love all over with it. It's almost as if I wanted to come up with a new killer word to describe it, but...

Hell, we're just going to go ahead and say it. This mix is a BEAST!

mp3: Boy Crisis - Fountain of Youth (Wallpaper Remix)