Parisian tastemaker, Bestrack, who's been recognized for his lusciously gushy remixes, is back with an original release which strikes up a chord in a most pleasurably vintage orchestration. The Sunset City EP is dreamy and lighthearted, without being afraid to drop a heavy beat or two.

With three new original tracks to whet your proverbially synth-yearning whistle, Bestrack proves his mettle and panache for reenvisioning an enthusiastically extravagant early 80's vibe.

Here's the EP's track list.

1. With You
2. Wishmaker
3. Do It All Night
4. Wishmaker (Louis La Roche Reconstruction)
5. With You (Justin Faust Remix)

The release comes from Bouchemiture Recordings, which, in case you were unaware, is a label founded in 2008 by Justin Faust. They work with artists Russ Chimes, Louis La Roche, Cindy Seui and many others that we can't seem to quit. They're under the stigma that instead of throwing an abundance of material at you, each release must be special.

We need no convincing. Truly rad indeed!

And now, let's do some freebies. Three of these beasts appear on the EP, and the Digikid84 remix is an added bonus from me to you. Want the rest of the tracks? Head on over to Beatport and take care of business.

mp3: Bestrack - With You
mp3: Bestrack - With You (Justin Faust Remix)

mp3: Bestrack - Do It All Night
mp3: Bestrack - Do It All Night (Digikid84 Remix)