If it seems like April was forever ago, well then so be it. Simply put, this year has flown by. So much so that I sometimes forget about certain bands and projects I've written about, so it's always nice to get a warm note in my inbox...it helps me feel "not so alzheimer-ish". And so is the case with May 68, they of an unforgivingly amazing force of discopop/rock.

Thanks to the kids from Manchester for shooting us a tidbit with some brief news and music info today. I never forgot about you! Let's just say I was waiting to drop this news out into the blogworld.

Big things are popping for this deserving outfit. They've got a new song, Carla, and they're also hitting the road with We Have Band.

Wednesday 9th September - LEEDS @ A Nation of Shopkeepers
Thursday 10th September - MANCHESTER @ Ruby Lounge
Friday 11th September - LIVERPOOL @ Korova
Saturday 12th September - SHEFFIELD @ Plug
Tuesday 15th September - LONDON @ ICA

mp3: May 68 - Carla