Heads We Dance are well known around these parts for their ubergooey, dancey and discoey tracks, along with the subsequent remixes from many of the big name mixers and masters. So what did the Leeds' lads and lass decide to do? A remix album, naturally!

Dance Technology will be an album of the best of their remixes, including those by Don Diablo, Tepr, Sidechains, Louis La Roche and Justin Faust. It will be available for a limited time as a free download from their website on September 28. After that it will be available from iTunes as per usual.

The first accepted in their remix competition entries that they chose to put on the album comes from none other than Beaston fave, Justin Faust. He takes HWD's track, You're Never Alone With Model 21, and turns it into a synth-laden slide down a waterfall of wonder. Not sure what that means? Well, take a listen and get to slippin'!

mp3: Heads We Dance - Model 21 (Justin Faust Remix)