Kite in the Air hit the land of Beastonia earlier this year with a swirling gush of gooey electropop that was an immediate "play and repeat" addition to our extensive library. Their self-titled EP was a breath of fresh oxygen that revitalized both our playlists and our persons.

Now, the kids otherwise known as Emma Lucia and WZRDZ are seeing their hard work pay off, as some bigwigs in the telly world have taken notice.

Two high-ranking genY targeted shows on The CW, 90210 and Beautiful Life, have licensed KitA's song, The Plan, for use in future episodes of each. Kite in the Air also has a new EP in the works, which makes my heart palpitate a little faster, in anticipation of what's to come.

mp3: Kite in the Air - The Plan

BONUS! Since I mentioned WZRDZ above, how about I let you in on a secret? They just released a new EP, called Wzrdz Are Awshum, and it's available on iTunes. Get the lead track from the EP below.

mp3: WZRDZ - Conjuror