With only 80 friends, 1400 page views and 1 song, MiMó, and his enigmatic existence, are primed to take the iNet by storm. My inbox was stuffed to the gills , but a simple email stuck out, and I thought "Hey, let's give this a whirl!" And I'm pretty pumped that I went that route with my decision making.

Other than the fact that he's from Cali, and the major news that Fenech-Soler and VEGA have remixed his song, Running Out, little else is know about this...Boy? Man? Robot? Who knows?

I don't, but I'm ok with that. So long as the music sounds this fresh!

mp3: MiMó - Running Out (Fenech-Soler Remix)
mp3: MiMó - Running Out (VEGA Italo Dub Mix)