Back in March, I introduced you to KiD A, she of a young age who completley blew me away with her quirky blend of electro trip-hop alternita. You know that makes sense, given my niche for making up words; but it fits for this chica, who does her own sort of mix and match creating that works so well.

Now to say I've been in desperate need of new tunes from this gifted gal is a vast understatement. Upon first hearing songs like So Choose and Was Not Was, I was immediately intrigued, interested and invested. KiD A is going places, and we'd like to just put it out there now: "We knew her when..."

While this isn't a new jam for ya, EEPROM hits up KiD A's banger, Was Not Was, and instigates a sweaty little dance party, even if you're at work, much as I am now. In just under 3 minutes, you'll be convinced to shimmy and shake along with us as well.

mp3: KiD A - Was Not Was (EEPROMs On Fire Remix)