Every once in a while, even the biggest electropopdance-head like myself likes to throw a wrench in the system. You may not know that I fancy myself quite a music snob/lover spanning all genres, "irregardless" of the certain styles I tend to stick to on the site. And so is the case with my love of Brazilian vocalist Bebel Gilberto.

Gilberto's new album, All In One, will be released September 29 via Verve Forecast. This rhythmically focused new album is mostly sung in Portuguese, showcasing Bebel's heart and soul while simultaneously meshing modern sounds that bring one word to mind: FRESH!

On this album, Bebel has created an all-star team of collaborators that help make Bebel's vision a reality. Collaborators and producers include Mark Ronson, Didi Gutman and more.

mp3: Bebel Gilberto - Chica Chica Boom Chic