The White Panda are a rad lil' duo from California who grew up studying music together. Today, from opposite sides of the country, this bear works tirelessly to provide party-enhancing music for all those looking to get buck on the dance floor. And get buck we shall!

Two artists who haven't spent a lot of time within Beastonia are pop darling Kelly Clarkson and tatted rapper Lil Wayne. So how do you ensure their placment within this world we relish in?


And that's exactly waht The White Panda did...taking both My Life Would Suck Without You and A Milli from individual smashes to a mashed slice of beat heavy popbop!

This mash hasn't been released yet, so we've got the exclusive! But if it's more you're itching for, then check out their blend, Party Where Your Head's At. Equally rad!

mp3: Kelly Clarkson vs Lil Wayne - My Life Would Suck Without a Milli (The White Panda Mash)
mp3: Tonite Only vs Basement Jaxx - Party Where Your Head's At (The White Panda Mash)