Cinemax. Sounds super technological and nerdified, right? Which is right up this Beast's alley. But the trio from Roanoke, VA are anything but dumb when it comes to creating a sound that is both unique and universally enjoyable.

If the vocals sound familiar to you, that's because they come from a Beaston fave, in KiD A! In actuality, Cinemax is the pride and joy of KiD A, Turbo P and INDIANFACE. Together they've strung together a collective sound of mall pop, new romantic lyrics, and teenage dreams. And let me tell you, it's perfection, carved out of vanilla flavored clouds and technicolor petunias.

want to know exactly what I'm babb;ing about?

Enjoy their super wonderful song, Smudged, as well as a mix of it, courtesy of Melee Beats.

mp3: Cinemax - Smudged
mp3: Cinemax - Smudged (Melee Beats Mix)