:Kinema:, yes with the pre/post colons, make super pop music. Influenced by the likes of everyone spanning Lindsey Buckingham, to Giorgio Moroder, to Ne-Yo, this trio of Brighton boys immediately caught my attention with their knack for creating quality music with a mass genre appeal.

Thrown together across an epic European road trip during the summer of 2007, Dom Ashton, Andy Nelson and Ross Flight discovered their shared love for music, laptops and famous actresses. :Kinema: developed their sound over the the past year and a half, combining elements of yacht rock, soul and contemporary pop and dance music. Think "Off The Wall-era Michael Jackson being re-imagined by a 21st century indie band".

This is the perfect culmination of well knowledged individuals combining their like-minded instincts and talents. :Kinema: are unsigned. :Kinema: need to BE signed.

Let's get on that.

mp3: Kinema - Circles
mp3: Kinema - Lets Get To It
mp3: Kinema - White Socks For Dancin (demo)