Dragonette are on the verge of releasing their 2nd LP, Fixin to Thrill, available in Canada on September 29th, Australia on Ocober 3rd, and in the rest of the world digitally on October 6th and physically October 20th. Say word!

The full track listing is below, and I can't help but notice that a fan favorite, Get Your Titties Off My Things, from their live show is now visibly missing from the album. Sadcakes. Maybe it'll pop up as a bonus track later on. Here's to hoping!

1. Fixin To Thrill
2. Gone To Far
3. Liar
4. Stupid Grin
5. Easy
6. Pick Up The Phone
7. We Rule The World
8. Big Sunglasses
9. Okay Dolore
10. Come On Be Good
11. You’re A Disaster
12. Don’t Be Funny

In the meantime, enjoy this official and remarkably rad remix of ssecond single, Pick Up the Phone, by Richard X. We're swooning.

mp3: Dragonette - Pick Up the Phone (Richard X Remix)