Yesterday marked the release of thecocknbullkid's debut EP, Querelle, and to celebrate, we've got a dark and daunting remix from a fellow European.

A brief note from Anita Blay herself regarding the EP and upcoming ventures:

Some of you have been asking why it's called Querelle. It's named after one of my favourite films by Jean Genet, google it.

I should also say thank you to James Hankins for the artwork. I'm really quite proud of it.

I hope you enjoy it and are ready for the new wave of songs. The album is pretty much done now but I'm still writing all the time. I have to or I may implode.


there might be a secret show announced soon. Where I may be doing some of the new stuff. Keep . Peeled.

Got that all? New album. Secret show. God, I'm psyched!

Buy the Querelle EP here.

mp3: thecocknbullkid - Kiss Kiss Kill (Esser Remix)