Perfection personified, Simian Mobile Disco are back with a vivacious vengeance and ready to make you dance! Forget about that craptastic track with Gossip queen Beth Ditto, because these two beat heavy bangers are boss!

With their second studio album, Temporary Pleasure, nearing it's UK release date of August 17, the buzz surrounding the English mixmasters' new material has been spewing forth at a feverish pace.

And it's easy to see why, when the production quality and guest vocals on these two tracks immediately takes over your being!

SMD will make an appearance for FREE at The Pool Party in Brooklyn this Sunday, August 9. Be there, or you're nowhere!

mp3: Simian Mobile Disco (featuring Alexis Taylor) - Bad Blood
mp3: Simian Mobile Disco (featuring Chris Keating) - Audacity of Huge