You all know who Bernard Sumner is, right? I mean, c'mon. Dude is not only a highly heralded singer, guitarist and keyboardist, but the Brit is BEST known as a founding member of two of the largest bands of the past 30 years: New Order and Joy Division.

In reference to the above, we got a bit of good news today that made us squeal like a little schoolgirl. Sumner, alongside fellow New Order/Joy Divison members Stephen Morris, Phil Cunningham and Jake Evans and Blur bassist Alex James, have teamed up to form a most massively rad supergroup: Bad Lieutenant.

The band's debut single, Sink or Swim, will be released on September 21, with the album, Never Cry Another Tear, to follow later this fall. This release centers around crisp, streamlined, 21st century guitar music – underscored by keyboards and occasional melodica.

They've also released a handful of tour dates across the pond. Check 'em out on the 'Space.

Stay tuned, ya heard!

mp3: Bad Lieutenant - Sink Or Swim