While they may be better known for turning The Editors and Depeche Mode into modern dance floor destroyers, Cicada originally came to exist as the remix and production duo of Aaron Gilbert and Alex Payne. With their latest album, they've solidified their name "hot ones to watch".

Cicada's sophomore album, Roulette, was released back in May of this year, but the boys are still on a tear, setting dancefloors ablaze.

Upcoming single, Psycho Thrills, will be released on September 14. The original is a glitchy, bleepy and bloopy jaunt of electrifying fun. After a slew of live gigs, these lads are psyched to bring it back to the danceclub roots with this offering.

Watch the recently debuted video, and then jump below for the fixed mixed goodness!

German destroyer, Dyebox, takes his turn on the remix, amping up the beat and making it oh so heavier.

mp3: Cicada - Psycho Thrills (Dyebox Remix)
mp3: Cicada - Psycho Thrills