Last week, I introduced myself and you to the dreaminess that is Diamond Cut. If you liked Teardrops, you're about to fall madly in love with what I have for you now.

Diamond Cut is concentrating on a newer-ish UK band called VISITOR. From producing their album, to rolling out teaser material, this project PROMISES to be very exciting, very imaginative, and very very good.

VISITOR's debut album is nearly finished and they're currently running a remix competition right now for their first track, Los Feeling. More details here. They'll perform part of their favorite remix at their launch in August, and then post a live recording up on their 'Space player.

We've got the teaser Rough Mix of that very same song, which has immediately jumped to the top of my playlist. And placed on repeat. And then played again. Yes it is THAT rad!

mp3: VISITOR - Los Feeling (Rough Mix)