Before the info on this beast of a track, let's quickly let you know that the name of the band from this remake is exctly what we feel like. Surviviors. Why? We've just now eclipsed 1400 posts. Bam!

On to the heat.

In case you don't know who Oh Shit! is, we got you covered. Oh Shit! is a DJ/production duo based out of Los Angeles made up of Devoe and Dirty Seaner. We've been followers for a bit of time, but never really posted anything cause our blog colleagues always seem to beat us to the punch, and oversaturation is a betch, eh?

Well not today.

Oh Shit! recently collaborated with the electropop group, Mynx, to create a remake of Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger. You might recoghnize the name Mynx from their song I'm So LA. Prepare your groggy Monday morning ears to wake the fuck up with this synth-pop dance remake of the classic song using Mynx’s unique vocal stylings, bringing in even more 80s throwback elements and a tight new wave feel.

If you don't immediately start dancing around in your office/apartment/on the sidewalk to this filthy piece of fire, then you are a robot.

mp3: Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (Oh Shit! and Mynx remake)